Feed Your Mind With Good Thoughts

b32b16e1ab4404f0dc8279b19b1e9e0f.jpgWe all have good and bad days, even when it seems like we’re the only one feeling this way. I recently finished reading a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which I highly recommend for anyone at any stage of their life. This week I’ve realised how much food affects my mood, and what I feed into my body. When I have a healthy, nutritious meal, I feel revitalised, energised and able to think clearly. This is similar to what we feed our mind, and the food we give it. If you think bad thoughts, they can grow and grow, the way someone might eat junk food often and feel sick and tired.

No one can be happy, smiling and laughing all the time. However, after reading the book, it makes you realise that we have the ability to remain conscious and choose inner peace when we accept things as they are. There are many things we cannot change, but we have the ability to decide our attitude and feelings towards the situation. The Power of Now reminds us of that true fulfilment in life, is living this moment right here, right now. It’s this very moment that you’re reading these words, taking a deep breath and being aware of your surroundings.

Living in the moment is what gives us true joy because we don’t dwell in the past, and we don’t constantly live in the future when we think thoughts like when this happens when that happens…then I’ll be happy. This seems to happen often, that we tell ourselves when I finally have this or that, I’ll be happy. True happiness, is being grateful for this very moment you have right now. The way I think of it is the way that tomorrow is not guaranteed. If I were not here tomorrow, then I would have wanted to live the day before being kind to myself, feeding myself good thoughts and being kind to other people.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”
― Walt Whitman

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”
― Bill Watterson

“We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives.”
― Maya Angelou

“What day is it?” It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne