20 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Auckland

cf56edfba10fc338bdb7e26beba971c8.jpgOn a rainy day during rush hour, you may see an ocean of umbrellas in the city. Auckland is the place where four seasons in a day is the norm, and carrying a small umbrella, jacket or raincoat in your bag may become a habit. The clouds definitely move by fast in this city! One moment it could be a beautiful sunny blue sky day, and another it could pour down with a cool shower, and another moment the weather is warm and muggy. Some of the best days are definitely the ones where the skies are blue with a few white clouds in the sky.

1. Visit your favourite coffee shop. Parnell has some lovely cafes along Parnell Road. 

2. Go thrift shopping at shops like Tatty’s, Recycle Boutique, Paper Bag Princess.

3. Watch a movie at the cinema. Kill a few hours at the movies with your favourite snack. 

4. Sit at the Library and read your favourite book or discover a new book. 

5. Cook a warm delicious meal. Then sit on the couch in your blankets to enjoy your meal!

6. Visit the Auckland Art Gallery. There’s something peaceful about watching art on a rainy day.

7. Order a Pizza and watch your favourite tv show or movie with your friends. 

8. Satisfy your sweet cravings at the Chocolate Boutique with a hot chocolate and dessert. 

9. Sit by the fireplace (if you have one) and warm up your feet with your cat. 

10. Go on a clean frenzy. Wash your sheets, wash your clothes, clean your bathroom, declutter your room. 

11. Have a bath/shower. It’s such a great feeling getting out of your damp socks and having a shower after a rainy day outside. 

12. Spend the afternoon at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. 

13. Watch a show, performance or concert at the Civic Theatre, Aotea Centre or Town Hall. 

14. Grab a friend or take the family to ten pin bowling. 

15. Spend the day at home to just relax and do the art of nothing. 

16. Eat lunch out for a good catch up or bring your favourite book. 

17. People watch. If you’re in the city, there’s something amusing about people watching. 

18. Take a bus ride to somewhere new to a nearby suburb in Auckland. 

19. Browse in an old bookstore, and get lost amongst the books.

20. Play a board game. Monopoly, card games, charades!

Art by Chris Turnham

Things I’ve Learned From A Long Distance Relationship

jimin-yoon9-550x778.jpgMy experience of LDR’s started when I was in a 2 year long distance relationship out of the 4 years, and now Mr Penguin and I are back into long distance. It’s going to be really hard at times, and the things that can make it work out include: keeping yourself busy, having strong trust and communication, being honest, staying true to yourselves, keeping the love and accepting that it will be difficult at times. As someone who sees some of my family once a year, it can be comforting to think of it that way. In the sense that you won’t see your other half often, but you can count down to the moment you do see them.

Communication and trust is everything. Having a well balanced level of communication is key for any relationship. It’s important to voice out your honest feelings, tell each other about your week and talk the way you would if you were in person. The moment we lose touch with a friend, is often the moment we drift apart from them. Having trust means that we don’t worry or predict anything negative to happen, but we have confidence in one another.

It’s important to both have your own routine. Relationships are a significant aspect of our lives, but the relationship we have with ourselves and others are also important. You will both spend a lot of time interacting with different people, which can be good to have that way of finding your own feet and walk your own journey. It makes you both more secure in yourself and not rely on one another so much.

Misunderstandings are much more easily resolved in person. Through online, things can be misinterpreted or not as easily expressed compared to in person. You don’t have the physical element of seeing someones actions, body language and facial expressions. This is one of the hard parts of LDR’s, but it also means that you are willing to use that time to clear any misunderstandings, rather than letting them bottle up.

You will miss the physical element. The simple act of a hug, holding hands, walking side by side, laughing together and watching a movie. The physical part of a relationship is one of the instant expression of your affection to one another. The pro in distance is that your emotional connection will be more expressed, but the con is that you often miss the feeling of their touch.

There will be hard times to go through. Many people will tell you that it’s hard when you mention long distance. There’s no way of putting it lightly, but they’re right, it is. As much as you know that already, there will be moments where you both are trying to figure out how to make it work. You might go through the hard times, by figuring out a plan and staying positive.

If it’s meant to be, then it will work out. Life is unpredictable, but I think that if things are meant to be, it works out for the best. Everything happens for a reason. Think of the moments you worry about something, but somehow it always works out. If you know you are compatible and love one another deeply, then you will put in the effort to make it work.

You need to be realistic about the future. If the distance is going to be inconsistent and unpredictable, then it can feel like it will never end. If you don’t know when you can be finally together, it can make one feel doubtful. However, if you can both work towards a goal and make promises that are realistic, it can be motivating. Perhaps it might be a year distance or 5 years distance. The best thing about a time frame, is that you can plan for it.

You may do things you wouldn’t normally do if you were in person. You might write snail mail to one another, send little gifts or go out of your way to do things you may not usually do so. When we meet people in person, we don’t think about needing to be consistent in keeping in touch. However, with distance you often have skype chats to keep each other up to date.

It can make you emotionally stronger. Long distance is worth it in the long run, if you can imagine this person in your future. It makes you stronger in the sense that you know you can go through it together. You become more patient and understanding, and are willing to wait until the day you can finally be reunited.


Art by Ji min Yoon | Photo: My first day in Sydney :)