3d9310f4faf19b42415635c449837186.jpgA couple writing about their dreams, memories and wondering thoughts if they can remember them. They like to watch movies, go for long walks, try new cafes and sit at the park together while dog watching. It’s the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy. Here you will find a few thoughts from them.

Mrs Meerkat is a wanderer with a love for the creative, old things, sweet and artsy things in life. She is a self confessed cat lover with a passion for writing, fashion, beauty, music, art, film and design. Although she is a Meerkat, she lives in the land of the long white clouds, a long with her partner in crime, Mr Penguin.

Mr Penguin is a dog lover who enjoys the adventurous things in life and being spontaneous with Mrs Meerkat. He and Mrs Meerkat have similar taste in food and humour. They both have a fancy for chocolate from time to time, but Mrs Meerkat has a slight allergy to milk and Mr Penguin can’t have any crabs, even though he is a penguin.

Art by Marta Antelo

2 thoughts on “About

  • Awwww oh my god, I saw the link to this blog on your blog, Katie, and I’m gushing about how beautiful the content is here. I think the blog design is minimalistic and fitting too, and I particularly love how you’ve named yourselves Mrs. Meerkat and Mr. Penguin :3 (it’s so adorable!! ahh!)

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